php ip geolocator to zip-code

came across an IP function in PHP during my research on my latest project, I decided I would include a geolocation class within
my application.


now looking toward making the class more robust without relying heavily on custom apis

just downloaded a database as a “skeleton” for said project from

and also downloaded pecl from

NOTE:all the installations are to be done at the server level

Miranda Programming PT1

Miranda is a declarative functional language,ie unlike c,java etc which are procedural,meaning you do not folow any prdefined procedure while writing it,you can choose to write a program called p1 to print a name

in miranda

p1 = “Obie”

in C you have to create a main function body

#include<stdio.h>  //header file

char p1 =”Obie” //you have to create this variable

int main( )


printf(p1); //then call p1 here


this makes miranda very easy to use and its very fundamental to the study of computing systems at the base level(could be skipped but the knowledge gathered is priceless).

an overview is provided on wikipedia click here 

i would recommend you install amanda click here to download